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5 Pokemon That Should Have Made the Cut for Pokken Tournament Deluxe


5 Pokemon That Should Have Made the Cut for Pokken Tournament Deluxe

Why is Greninja good enough for Smash but not Pokken?

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If there is any Pokemon who seems perfectly suited for Pokken and is somehow still not included, it is Greninja. For starters, Greninja is already a member of the latest Smash Bros. roster, proving the pocket monster has fighting game chops even if it isn’t a fighting type. Regardless of the Smash connection though, Greninja would be a perfect fit for the frenetic and fast-paced gameplay of Pokken Tournament. Greninja could jump and flip all about the two planes of fighting in Pokken, the 3D environment and the more traditional 2D fighting game set up.

Greninja would be the perfect mix of ranged and close-up attacks for a Pokken fighter. It could be faster than any of the Pikachus, but still have the ranged capabilities of most of the other fighters. Greninja’s water shuriken in Smash is an ineffective move, but with the way Pokken works it could be incredibly devastating with the right level of skill. Of course, Greninja’s tongue “scarf” would have to be involved somehow whether it is a throw, or something more complex like a burst attack. Though Geninja’s Final Smash is a pretty perfect template for one of Pokken’s burst attacks already.

This post was originally authored by Derek Stauffer.

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