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5 More Third Party Switch Games That Need amiibo Support


5 More Third Party Switch Games That Need amiibo Support

More places to use those figures.

Monster Hunter XX

With Nintendo announcing amiibo support for the upcoming Skyrim port on Switch, it could potentially open up a world of opportunities for other developers. Being able to use your amiibo in third party games would add even more value to the figures, and provide an additional incentive to pick up new figures you don’t have. We’ll take a look at five other third party titles on the Nintendo Switch, that would be the perfect opportunity for amiibo support.

Monster Hunter has always been a perfect series for amiibo support, especially as cameo costumes like Mario, Luigi, and Link made it into Monster Hunter Generations. This holds doubly true when you consider the line of Monster Hunter Stories amiibo that released in Japan. Amiibo use could be much like in Hyrule Warriors, adding on new weapons, costumes, and equipment all themed around different Nintendo characters. If Capcom wanted to take it one step further, you could even introduce brand new exclusive hunts by using amiibo in Monster Hunter XX. You could really introduce some fun, Nintendo themed bosses like a Bowser-inspired dinosaur or maybe Lizalfos from Zelda. There’s a ton of possibilities on how figures could integrate into this popular series .

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