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5 Features That Can Put Need For Speed: Payback Ahead of the Competition


5 Features That Can Put Need For Speed: Payback Ahead of the Competition

More than a tank of NOS.

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Improved Car Customization

Need for Speed

With every new Need for Speed comes a slough of cars and it’s no surprise that fans of the Underground series are still looking for that in-depth customization. 2016’s NFS reboot made great strides in bringing car culture and real life customization options to fans across the world but Payback’s setting gives Ghost Games the opportunity to change the game once again. With Payback, we’re given more than just your typical street racing scene. The reveal trailer shows offroading, drag racing, action-oriented missions and with that, we should see customization that reflects this level of variety.

These various events should reflect external and internal modifications. If we’re enduring a 10 mile-long race with the majority being on highways, let us build our car for downforce and add external accessories like spoilers and splitters that’ll maximize airflow. Games like Forza Horizon 3 and Project Cars have really set the bar for what it means to tune and customize your car in a racing game.

When the Forza series launched, a brand new level of design was created with multi-layer paint jobs, liveries, and hundreds of customizable decals. Having the chance to work with incredible paint and decal tools in NFS may be the final thing to push the NFS franchise back to the pinnacle of customization. Need for Speed has always been famous for their external modifications, so let’s see some extensive internal options and the addition of extensive paint tools to bring the whole package together.

This post was originally authored by Forbes Jones.

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