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10 Exotic Weapons That Need to Return in Destiny 2


10 Exotic Weapons That Need to Return in Destiny 2

Not quite ready to say goodbye.

Khvostov 7G-0X

Destiny, Exotic, Khvostov

It’s true, the Khvostov isn’t the most exciting Exotic weapon in Destiny. It lacks a singular Exotic perk, and instead has the capability of being changed into either an Auto Rifle, a Scout Rifle, or a Pulse Rifle at the user’s discretion. Unfortunately, it isn’t particularly great as any of those options. Despite this, the weapon has a certain charm and nostalgia that no other weapon has. The Khvostov is the first weapon you ever use in Destiny, a landmark moment for the franchise, and somehow even that moment is topped by the excellent Exotic mission you go on to add this weapon to your collection. The weapon is as charming as it is iconic. It only seems right that in some form or another the Khvostov should make a return in Destiny 2, although preferably with a healthy buff and shiny new ability to go along with it.

This post was originally authored by David Buckley.

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