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5 Ways The Crew 2 Can Be the Sequel We Deserve


5 Ways The Crew 2 Can Be the Sequel We Deserve

Plenty of room for improvement.

Better Driving

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Let’s get The Crew’s major issue out of the way first, the driving was pretty poor. From a combination of poor physics and AI, driving just wasn’t fun and the game too often used extreme rubber-banding tactics to attempt to make it a “close race.” That’s something that definitely needs to be fixed up for The Crew 2.

While it’s clear that The Crew was opting for an arcade-style racer, it lacked the kind of depth and variety in the way its vehicles handled to put it on the same level as last year’s Forza Horizon 3. It’s all well and good having a giant world to drive around in, but if it’s not fun to drive, the whole concept kinda falls apart. Here’s hoping Ubisoft will tweak the driving mechanics for The Crew 2.

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