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5 Ways Farpoint Could Revitalize PlayStation VR


5 Ways Farpoint Could Revitalize PlayStation VR

What might the future hold?

Shows the Potential of the Aim Controller

aim controller

Alongside Farpoint, a brand-new PlayStation VR peripheral has been released – Sony’s Aim Controller. The vaguely gun-shaped controller improves immersion and aids with aiming and movement in virtual reality shooters. Although it has released at the same time as Farpoint, the Aim Controller is designed to work with many games, with Impulse Gears’ game simply being the proof of concept to launch alongside. Games including The Brookhaven Experiment and the upcoming Arizona Sunshine can be played with the controller, and hopefully more games will be developed with it in mind in the future.

Since the Aim Controller features every button on a standard DualShock 4, it could be used for all manner of different games in the future, or for things that aren’t simply shooting aliens. The light tracking technology is also more advanced than that of the seven-year-old Move controllers you’ve been using until now. The Aim Controller makes what could have been a generic shooter far more immersive, which gives us hope for its future.

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