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The Surge: How to Lock On to Enemies


The Surge: How to Lock On to Enemies

Target locked.

How to Lock On to Enemies in The Surge

If you want your attacks to be precise and hit the mark in The Surge, you’ll need to get used to the game’s target lock system. First off, you can lock on to a foe by simply pressing the R3 button. This will allow you to target the enemy closest to you. However, unlike in the Souls games, shifting the right analog stick won’t let you target surrounding enemies. Instead, moving the right analog stick will allow you to target different limbs and body parts of the enemy. Do note that this only applies to humanoid enemies and larger machines; the smaller ones don’t have body parts for you to hack off.

To lock on to another enemy nearby, all you have to do is press the L2 button (or LT, if you’re on Xbox One). Of course, fighting multiple enemies at once is not recommended, as you could get easily overwhelmed, but it’s good to keep this in mind just in case. Remember to make use of the body parts system to farm blueprints and weapons off your foes.

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