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The Surge: How to Restore Health


The Surge: How to Restore Health

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Restoring Your Health in The Surge

The Surge can be pretty unforgiving, and the game doesn’t feature regenerating health, so you’ll need to manage your health pool carefully. Thankfully, the game does provide you with a few restoration items to help you survive just a little bit longer. At the start of the game, you’ll be given three health vials, which can be used with a simple press of the circle button. However, you can also increase the number of health vials you can carry by installing better implants. Specific implants can increase your health vial capacity, and also provide you with other different types of health regen items.

For instance, there’s an implant that grants you a different type of health vial that lets you recover health over a short period of time. You can also recover health vials by building up your blue skill bar (found below your stamina bar) and filling it up. Lastly, you’ll recover all health and recovery items by resting at a medbay, but do note that this will cause all enemies in the area to respawn once again.

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