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The Surge: How to Jump


The Surge: How to Jump

You can jump. But not very high.

How to Jump in The Surge

The Surge doesn’t have a dedicated jump button, but you can get your character to perform a short hop to get onto ledges and other areas in order to access new items and pathways. First off, you need to sprint (which is done by holding down the X button), and then press down the L3 button while you’re sprinting to initiate a jump.

The jump itself doesn’t have a lot of distance, so don’t expect to climb over tall walls or fences with it. Instead, if you happen to see any items sitting atop short ledges or boxes, try using the jump to get to them. The jump can also be useful in dodging enemy attacks, though it’s always a lot more stamina-efficient to just press X to dodge out of the way. You can also use the jump to land powerful attacks on unsuspecting enemies. For instance, if you happen to be on high ground with an enemy just below you, you can run and jump before hitting the attack buttons to strike from above. And that’s really all you need to know about jumping in this game.

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