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The Surge: How to Get and Use Implants


The Surge: How to Get and Use Implants

Chips in the brain.

How to Get and Use Implants in The Surge

Implants are the key to helping you get stronger and tougher in The Surge. While you can gather more Tech Scrap to ‘level up’ and raise your core power, all of that power doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the proper implants to use it on. Implants are essentially mods that you can install into your build, and these can give you strengthening properties like raising your offense, defense, agility, and even the number and types of restorative items that you can carry. Needless to say, they’re pretty damn important.

Most of them can be found in specific locations around the game world. Once you have an implant, though, you can’t just equip it immediately. If you pick up a hardwired implant, you’ll need to go back to the nearest medbay, rest up, and manage them from there. This also means that you can’t remove any of them while you’re out in the field. At the medbay, interact with the machine as if you were leveling up, and then head over to the Implants tab to manage all of the stuff you have currently installed. Do note that they all have varying power costs, so manage your core power wisely.

However, a regular hotswap implant can be removed and installed at any time.

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