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The Surge: How to Block Attacks


The Surge: How to Block Attacks

Defense 101.

Blocking Attacks in The Surge

Blocking enemy attacks is one of the key mechanics you’ll need to get used to if you want to survive in The Surge. By successfully blocking an attack, your character will not take any damage, and you might even be able to follow up with a more powerful hit from your own weapon.

To block an attack, simply hold down the L1 button (or LB if you’re on Xbox One) as an enemy tries to hit you. You won’t take any damage, but keep in mind that your stamina will take a hit. Also, do note that when you hold down the block button, your stamina bar will drain slowly. This means that you can’t block for an indefinite amount of time, and you should try to time it with enemy attacks. Stamina is incredibly important in the game, as it’s the one thing that lets you take actions and defend yourself.

The cool thing about blocking is that you don’t actually need a shield or any sort of defensive device. Your character will automatically shield himself with his weapon and arms when you hold down the button.

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