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Static Shock Almost Made It Into Injustice 2, But We Can’t Always Have Nice Things


Static Shock Almost Made It Into Injustice 2, But We Can’t Always Have Nice Things


Injustice 2 boasts a very large roster of characters from the DC universe. The inclusion ranges from the big dogs like Batman and Wonder Woman to B-tier characters joining because they’re in another form of media (think Firestorm or Captain Cold) to the fairly obscure, such as Swamp Thing or Grid. One character that sadly didn’t make the cut was one Static Shock, who headlined his own popular animated series in the mid-2ooo’s. His appearances overall have been sparse since then, due to publishing rights–he had a short lived solo comic during the New 52, showed up in Young Justice’s second season, and was going to have his own live action series that ultimately went nowhere. And he almost made his way into Injustice 2…until he didn’t.

According to Netherrealm designer and illustrator Marco Nelor, Static Shock (or just Static, it just depends) was “all cleaned up and ready to go” for the roster of Injustice 2 before being axed. Exactly why he got the boot isn’t clear, but it still sucks, considering he was one of the most demanded characters for the sequel. Heck, even we thought that he would be a good addition. And just to make matters worse, here’s what he would’ve looked like had he been brought into the game.

Looks cool, right? Who knows, maybe we’ll see the electrified hero make his way to the inevitable sequel. Sigh, fingers crossed.

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