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4 Signs the Console War Is Becoming Obsolete


4 Signs the Console War Is Becoming Obsolete

It’s time it came to an end.

Executive Standpoints and Celebrations

phil spencer

The console war has been bubbling away in the background of the industry for quite some time now. Who has the best system, the best exclusives, the best controller, online network, you name it, it’s been fiercely debated thousands of times. Yet, while we’ve seen executives and developers often have a bit of fun at the expense of the competition (everyone remembers Sony’s used games on the PS4 clip, right?), recent years have seen developers playing down the bitter hardware rivalry.

Most notably was Phil Spencer’s recent comment on Twitter, which boiled the console war down to “which piece of plastic I own.” However, developers and other executives have been downplaying the console war in their own ways, too. All you need to do is check out Twitter following any sort of major release and the whole industry is celebrating the success of the developer. It might not be as to the point as the Xbox boss’ comment, but it certainly helps to move the industry away from warring factions to a celebration of all the incredible experiences on offer across the board.

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