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Rime: What the Collectibles Do


Rime: What the Collectibles Do

What the Collectibles Do in Rime

If you’ve been playing through Rime, chances are you’ve already picked up one of the animal figure collectibles or part of an emblem. While these collectibles may at first seem like artificial means of increasing Rime’s completion time, there’s actually a little more to them.

The collectibles in Rime won’t just get you a bunch of trophies or achievements if you find them all, but they’re also a means of expanding upon the game’s lore. By simply heading straight through the game’s different sections, players will pick up the main plot points. However, in an interview with WCCFTech, Rime’s Lead Designer, Kevin Sarda, goes into detail about how the game’s story is expanded upon the more the player explores and collects. “The game has a literal story that you will understand once finished, but there are many, many layers of lore, and many interpretations derived from them, that will be reachable only to those willing to find all these pieces that are scattered through the environment, the collectibles and even the actions that you perform to solve some of the puzzles,” Sarda said.

As such, if you’re looking to get the full story out of the game, you’ll want to take your time and hunt down all of those collectibles. Besides, who doesn’t want some more trophies or achievements, anyway?

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