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Rime: How to Beat the Bird Boss


Rime: How to Beat the Bird Boss

How to Beat the Bird Boss in Rime

In the second section of Rime, you’ll come across a large bird that makes your life a living nightmare. It steals the golden ball used to control the time of day, dropping it in a nest at the end of a bridge that just so happens to crumble as you make your way across it. After the fall, you’ll need to beat the bird if you’re going to get the golden ball back and continue on your way. Here’s what you’ll need to do to beat it.

First things first, you’ve probably already noticed that if you stay out in the open for too long, the bird will swoop down and carry you away. As such, you’re going to need to dart from cover to cover as you work towards taking the bird down. Now that you know how to avoid death yourself, you need to bring it upon the bird. To do this, you’ll need to locate the three different windmills dotted about this area.

The first one, directly in front of you, requires a key to unlock. You’ll find this over to the left of the entrance, and your friendly fox companion will be sat outside the entrance. Head down, use your shout to move the blockade out of the way of the path, and grab the key. Make your way back out, unlock the windmill and head inside.

While each of the three windmills has its own unique environmental puzzle, the basic objective within each one is the same. You’ll need to find those movable blocks and pull them out of gaps in the windmill itself to release a ton of black smoke. Release the smoke twice on a windmill and lightning will strike the bird, stopping it from hassling you in that area in the process.

All you need to do is rinse and repeat this across all three windmills. It’s worth noting, however, that the third windmill requires two keys to gain entrance to. These can be found underwater in small buildings to the left and right of the entrance. Complete the simple platforming puzzles within each one, grab the keys, and head to the large entrance underwater. If the bird keeps attacking you while you’re swimming out to the third one, just dive underwater whenever the edge of your screen is turning particularly red.

With all three windmills sending out the black smoke, the bird will almost be defeated. Now, head back to the bridge where you first fell down into the area, and you’ll find the Fox sat by the base. You’ll want to start climbing your way up to the top with ledges and vines around the side of the pillar. Once you reach the top, push the golden ball out of the nest and back down the bridge.

Run after the ball and eventually the bird will reappear, chasing you down the bridge. Just keep running and the bird will soon fall to its death once more. Congratulations, the bird has been defeated and you’ll no longer be terrorized from the skies.

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