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Prey: Where to Get the Crew Quarters Keycard


Prey: Where to Get the Crew Quarters Keycard

Residential areas.

Getting the Crew Quarters Keycard in Prey

The Crew Quarters is one of the available areas you can explore in Prey’s Talos I space station. However, like most other major areas in the game, you’ll need a keycard to access the area.

You’ll be able to obtain the Crew Quarters keycard as soon as you finish the game’s prologue and progress past Psychotronics and GUTS. The keycard can be found in the Deep Storage area. From the Arboretum, head towards the elevator that takes you down to Deep Storage. However, be careful of the Etheric Phantoms waiting around for you, and make sure to have a lethal weapon ready if you need to defend yourself. Take the elevator and head down to Deep Storage. Look for the corpse of Zachary West, and loot the Crew Quarters keycard off his body. Now, you’ll be able to get into the Crew Quarters whenever you want.

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