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Is Prey Open World?


Is Prey Open World?

Open world games can be a ton of fun as they leave players with a sandbox of sorts to roam around within. While the idea of Prey being open world has been thrown around a lot prior to its release, we would like to clear the air a bit for anyone wondering what this means. Yes, the game opens more and more as you go along, and yes you will be able to walk all along the outside of the space station if you want to. However, it does not follow gaming’s traditional format for an open world title. There’s no vast area you can explore.

The simplest way to describe Prey is that it’s a whole lot of Metroidvania. You will be backtracking a lot as you need to revisit areas, and there will be new ones that will open up to you as you progress. In that, it’s not that accurate to say that the game has an open world because that will lead players to believe they can go wherever they want from the very start.

Hopefully, that answers your question, though! For more help with Prey, like guides and tips, be sure to check back to Twinfinite’s wiki for the game.

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