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Prey: How to Get Deep Storage Safe Code


Prey: How to Get Deep Storage Safe Code


In Prey, there are safes littered throughout Talos I and all of them require specific codes to unlock. There are two safes in Deep Storage to unlock.

You will make your way down to Deep Storage during the early parts of the game and you will be essentially locked in and the freedom that the game offers you in the rest of the game is removed temporarily. Once you get there, you will see two safes that are locked.

Thankfully, the two safes are unlocked by the same code. The code can be found by Danielle Sho’s workstation in the Command Center. There is a note on the back of her workstation, on which the code is written. The code will be different for everyone so we cannot tell you the exact code, but the note will be in the same place for everyone that plays Prey. Use the code on the note to unlock the two safes in Deep Storage and take the loot that is in them.

You can see solutions for all the other passwords and codes in Prey by using our guide. For more help on everything to do with the game, check out our wiki guide.

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