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Prey: How to Get All Endings and What They Mean


Prey: How to Get All Endings and What They Mean

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How to Get All Endings in Prey

The following guide will contain spoilers for Prey and its endings since it’s nearly impossible to guide them without providing some information to the plot. If you wish to experience the game for yourself, please turn back now. If you just have to know how to get things done, continue on. Also, the endings are different in this game when compared to others. Some are story endings, but there are also sequences and choices after the credits. We’ll cover story first, then jump into the post credits. Do note that saving people or not saving them affects only the post credit sequences, they have no bearing on what happens during the story prior to the credits.

As you play through Prey, you will constantly be told that the only way to do things is to destroy everything – the Typhon, Talos-1, even yourself. Fortunately enough, there’s a way around that, requiring that you only destroy the Typhon for one of the endings. It’s not easy though, as you’ll need to avoid a very powerful enemy, as well as kill a “friend,” but it’s not incredibly difficult either.

Progress through the game until you meet up with Alex and he hands over the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan. You’ll need this to kill the Typhon. A large alien known as the Apex Typhon will attack the space station. At this point you can deal with Alex as you see fit (save or kill), but it honestly has no effect on the ending, so do as you please. Just head to the nearest fabricator and create the item you just got the plans for. Once you do that, it’s time to head back to Psychotronics, all the way near the beginning of the game.

Your target destination is the containment chamber. Head through Psychotronics and near the entrance to GUTS is a hatch leading to Containment. You’ll have to deal with a lot of powerful enemies in order to get to the location where you install the prototype. There will be a sphere in the center of a low gravity room that you need to access, do so then start heading towards the Command Deck. You’ll meet either January or Alex here (Alex will only appear if you saved him before). If January is present you’ll have to destroy it, as it was programmed to help you destroy everything to save earth and will try to stop you. Once that’s out of the way, activate the transmitter to destroy the Apex Typhon along with all the little Typhon (we use the term little relatively) that are on the ship with you.

Now all of the humans, including yourself, and the station is still alive and well. People will be able to return here and learned what happened, perhaps you’ll even be able to continue your research later on. The other endings aren’t as kind to the station and the people aboard it.

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