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Portal Knights: What Pets and Animals Are Used For


Portal Knights: What Pets and Animals Are Used For


In the early sections of Portal Knights, you’ll defeat enemies, craft portal stones, and you’ll come across small household animals. They’ll be added to your inventory, but what are they for?

You’ll pick up mice, cats, and other animals as enemies drop them but they do not really have a use. You can make one follow you around as you explore the worlds but they do not serve any other purpose – they are purely decorative.

You’ll come across quite a few animals on your journey but you can only use one at a time. Bosses will often drop them but you can find them from any enemy in the world. It is pure luck when it comes to whether or not you’ll find them but they are not overly common. You are able to sell them to any vendor for 20 gold coins or simply get rid of them if they are clogging up your inventory.

It is helpful to learn what items are worth keeping in Portal Knights. Pets aren’t exactly useful but are nice if you want something cute to follow you around as you explore.

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