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Portal Knights: How to Get Energy Crystals


Portal Knights: How to Get Energy Crystals


As you work your way through the islands in Portal Knights, you’ll want to upgrade your armor and weapons to take on the higher level enemies and bosses. Producing lower quality armor requires materials such as cotton and wood, but the higher quality ones often require Energy Crystals.

However, there is no 100% guaranteed way of farming Energy Crystals. Enemies do not drop them so they are quite difficult to come across as you explore.

The best way to find them is to complete events and missions for the inhabitants of the island. Most of them are fetch quests where an NPC will ask you to craft something for them or retrieve something they have lost. They are simple tasks and completing them will reward you with a big chunk of XP and an item or material. It is best to complete as many events and quests as you can early in the game so that you have a good amount of items such as Energy Crystals when it gets to the time for you to use them.

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