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Phantom Dust Remastered Will Have Native Resolution, DLC and Mission Skipping

phantom dust

Phantom Dust Remastered Will Have Native Resolution, DLC and Mission Skipping

It’s back.

Last year at E3, Microsoft revealed that Phantom Dust would be receiving a re-release for 2017. Details since then have been nonexistent, but they spoke with Polygon and offered more details on what fans can expect. For one thing, the game will have native resolution, as revealed by creative director Adam Isgreen. “If you’re playing on Xbox One, you’re running at 1080p so the game is going to render at 1080p,” he says, “if you’re on a PC and you’re playing at 4K resolution, the game will render its assets at 4K.” Whatever you’re playing on, the game will match it.

Also coming is DLC and the ability to skip missions. Original Phantom Dust players are aware the first handful of hours could turn some off from getting into the deck building mechanic, so the studio has decided that you can go past that. If you fail a mission three times, there’ll be the option to skip it and collect your rewards. While there won’t be any penalty, some achievements are linked to going through the missions without skipping or pulling off challenging feats. There’ll also be DLC, both paid and free, that’ll give new players skills and cases so they can get right into multiplayer. The boosters in multiplayer make up the paid portion of DLC, but nothing has changed to push you towards forking over cash. Isgreen says they just “really wanted to allow people to jump into multiplayer and play immediately.”

Phantom Dust Remastered will arrive on Xbox One and PC later this year.

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