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Overwatch Fan Film About Mercy’s Past Isn’t Canon… But It Should Be


Overwatch Fan Film About Mercy’s Past Isn’t Canon… But It Should Be

Try not to cry

When Overwatch first pulled millions of gamers deep into the depths of its fascinating lore, there were certain heroes who we all assumed would be shrouded in mystery. Overwatch’s in-house guardian angel, however, wasn’t at the top of that list. Here we are, almost a year after Overwatch was released and, oh my, how things have changed. The list of questions we all have about Mercy’s past easily dwarfs the list of answers we have received about the Swiss healer. Unfortunately, Blizzard hasn’t been showing any signs of putting us out of our misery any time soon. So what else is the Overwatch community to do other than take matters into their own hands.

Lupin Productions released their first live action short film today and it dives deep into the past of Angela Ziegler, the woman we all know and love as Mercy. The roughly 10 minute video titled “Heroes Never Die” looks absolutely stunning from a cinematic perspective but the story itself is what makes this project truly impressive. It is, by far, the most complete and powerful imagining of what led Angela to become the Overwatch hero we know her as today. Instead of focusing solely on Mercy, filmmakers also introduce Mercy’s parents and how their own hypothetical origin stories may have impacted their baby girl.

The breath taking visuals combined with a beautifully written theory about Mercy’s past work together to take you on an emotional journey that truly pulls at your heartstrings. So much so that it may even encourage you to actually protect the Mercy player on your Overwatch team next time you decide to hop online.

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