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Overwatch Anniversary: Limited Duel Tips and Tricks


Overwatch Anniversary: Limited Duel Tips and Tricks

The Overwatch anniversary game modes don’t necessarily feel like new game modes as much as they feel like much better versions of the elimination modes we’re all used to. And you won’t find anyone complaining about that here. Lockout Elimination gives the 3v3 arcade mode the tweak it always needed and Limited Duel makes competitive one-on-one battles feel far more strategic than ever before.

So what’s the difference between the Limited Duel and the standard 1v1 Elimination mode? In Limited Duel, you will only have three heroes to select from for each match. It will be the same three heroes that your opponent has to pick from as well. This means your strategic decision-making starts well before the game even begins. Instead of being assigned a random hero and just hoping that you have more experience with them than your opponent, this mode gives you the option to decide your own approach to the duel. So here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind.

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