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Nintendo Announces Standalone Switch Dock for Europe

Nintendo Switch Dock Set

Nintendo Announces Standalone Switch Dock for Europe

$90 pieces of plastic (with cables) head to Europe.

European Nintendo Switch owners will be able to purchase a second dock for their console starting next month, Nintendo has announced.

“An accessory set that includes a #NintendoSwitch dock, an AC adapter, and an HDMI cable will be available from 6/23,” Nintendo tweeted early this morning. Although the company did not announce a price for the accessory, standalone Switch docks currently sell for $89.99 in the United States, so similar pricing is expected in Europe.

Despite pre-launch public expectations that the Switch’s dock would house some tech — perhaps a fan to keep the console cooler, allowing it to perform better in docked mode — the unit is merely a hunk of plastic that holds the Switch upright and routes its HDMI and power cables into the system while users play on their TVs.


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