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NieR Automata: How to Get All New DLC Outfits


NieR Automata: How to Get All New DLC Outfits

Replicant A2 hype!

Getting All New DLC Outfits in NieR Automata

Along with the colosseums, the NieR Automata DLC pack also comes with three new outfits for each of the main characters in the game. However, obtaining all three of them is no easy feat. After buying your way into the arena at the Flooded City, you’ll need to complete all of the ranked battles to earn your rewards. The battles get tougher as you progress through the ranks, with the final one having a recommended level of 80. Every colosseum in the game has a final level 90 battle, and completing each one will give you a new outfit. Well, with the exception of the Forest arena. The game will hand over the reward after the first battle because even the devs think those challenges are hard.

The Flooded City arena will give you the Revealing Outfit for 2B, the Desert arena gives you the Replicant outfit for A2, and the Forest arena rewards you with the new outfit for 9S. Do note that only 9S will be able to enter the Forest arena, as the Gatekeeper Machine only allows entry to those who understands the emotions of machines. Namely, someone with hacking skills. It’s a pretty neat way of getting the player to take control of the different characters in the game.

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