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NBA Playgrounds: Is There a Physical Version?


NBA Playgrounds: Is There a Physical Version?


NBA Playgrounds is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 and sees players pick from a whole host of caricatured ballers in arcade style games of basketball, that are reminiscent of the NBA Jam and NBA Street games of old.

At the moment, NBA Playgrounds is only available digitally on each console’s respective store. You never know, there may be a physical version released in the future, but for now, the game’s developers have not hinted at a physical release. Any possibility probably lies in how popular the digital version of the game is.

NBA Playgrounds sees you control two real-world basketball players in arcade style matches on courts that are themed on cities from around the world. You’ll attempt insane trick shots and perform alley-oops to build your Lottery Pick bar and get special abilities. You get new players by completing matches, leveling up, and opening player packs that contain five players. You’ll find a range of players from poor quality squad players to high-quality legends. The more packs you open, the more likely you are to find the best players.

For more on all things NBA Playgrounds, be sure to stick with Twinfinite.

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