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NBA Playgrounds: How to Pass the Ball


NBA Playgrounds: How to Pass the Ball

It’s the name of the game.

How to Pass the Ball in NBA Playgrounds

Basketball is a team game, and you’ll need to learn how to pass the ball to your partner if you want to win your matches in NBA Playgrounds. To pass the ball to your partner, all you have to do is press the B button on the Switch (A button on Xbox One, and X button on PS4). This will allow you to throw the ball to your partner, wherever he is.

However, keep in mind that the opposing team players could potentially block your pass and steal the ball from you. While this is relatively unlikely to happen on Rookie or Intermediate difficulty, you should try to avoid passing the ball if an opposing player is guarding you too closely. In cases like these, it may be safer to ask for a push or take a shot at the basket instead.

Either way, remember that passing the ball back and forth is a great way to set up a play in the game. Just keep the shot clock in mind, and don’t take too long to shoot.

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