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NBA Playgrounds: How to Level Up


NBA Playgrounds: How to Level Up


NBA Playgrounds, the arcade style basketball game that is reminiscent of NBA Jam and NBA Street, is out now and allows you to use caricature versions of many real world players.

The best way to unlock those characters is by leveling up and, thankfully, there is one sure fire way of doing so quickly. You get 100 XP for every match you play that is three minutes long, and you are awarded more for longer matches, which tend to be tournament finals. Therefore, to level up quickly, playing as many matches as you can is what you should do.

You will also get extra XP for every duplicate player you get from opening player packs. Since they are useless to you, the game gives you XP instead that goes towards leveling up and getting more players.

You can also level up individual players so that they unlock new moves, dunks, and shot types. They level up in the same way as your overall rank and also get 100 XP at the end of every match you play. Leveling a player up from bronze to gold also unlocks a trophy/achievement.

That is how you level up in NBA Playgrounds. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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