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NBA Playgrounds: How to Dunk


NBA Playgrounds: How to Dunk

How to Dunk in NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds finally brings back the classic, arcade-style action of the Jam and Street series. Players are able to perform crossovers, steal the ball, and even shove their opponents for a somewhat unfair advantage. Most importantly, though, is the ability to dunk. After all, is there anything more badass than dunking on your friends? Here’s how to dunk in NBA Playgrounds.

While the game will teach you how to dunk in your first exhibition match, getting the timing right can be a little more difficult than the game lets on. What you’ll want to do here is ensure that your player is running into the paint (the area surrounding the hoop) and towards the hoop. As soon as your player steps foot in the paint, press the Square button (X on Xbox One, Y on Nintendo Switch). You should now see your player leaping high into the air with the ball. As long as your opponent doesn’t manage to time a block, you’ll be looking at another two points straight to your score.

If you’re really struggling to convert these opportunities into points in NBA Playgrounds, make sure that the player you’re using has a high Dunk stat. If it’s low, chances are they might not be able to convert every single chance they get.

For more tips, tricks, and information on NBA Playgrounds, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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