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NBA Playgrounds: Are There Microtransactions?


NBA Playgrounds: Are There Microtransactions?


NBA Playgrounds, the arcade style basketball game that is reminiscent of NBA Jam and NBA Street, is out now and allows you to use caricature versions of many real world players.

As you play, you will want to unlock as many players as you can to improve you team, fill out your card collection, and unlock the trophies/achievements that ask you to unlock a certain number of them. However, the only way to get more players is by opening player packs that are earned by levelling up. There is no way of getting player packs using real world money. There are no microtransactions of any kind.

You would expect NBA Playgrounds to follow the style of games like FIFA and NHL that prompt you to buy packs of players using real world money so that you can have the best team and be the envy of your friends. Instead, the developers have decided that it is fairer to make everyone unlock players in the same way and not include a microtransaction option. It ensures that online matches are fair and players that have smaller squads aren’t beaten easily by those that spend money.

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