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All May 2017 VR Game Releases

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All May 2017 VR Game Releases

Some big releases this month!

VR users are going to be happy in May, as some huge releases are slated throughout the month. Probably the most highly anticipated is Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew, allowing every Trekkie’s dream of controlling the USS Aergis to come true by playing as the Captain, Helm, Tactical, or Engineering with four-player co-op . It was originally announced during E3 2016 to be released in Fall of that same year. That date was then moved to late November 2017, then March, and finally delayed once more to May 30.

Farpoint is also releasing this month, a shooter title that is being heavily pushed by Sony due to its release alongside the PSVR’s Aim Gun controller. Shaped like a rifle, the controller seeks to add another layer of immersion when it comes to shooting in VR.

Along with Farpoint, shooter Dick Wilde, which is already available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, will be releasing on PSVR on May 16 with Aim Controller support. Wave-based fighter The Brookhaven Experiment, which released alongside PSVR on Oct. 13, will be getting support for the controller as well. Sony has promised that more first-party titles centered around the capabilities of the Aim Controller are on the way.

Another one to keep an eye out for is stylish puzzler GNOG releasing on PSVR early in the month. Its colorful art style and unique interactive puzzles shaped as adorable monster heads make for a promising VR experience from publisher Double Fine. You can check out a trailer here.

All the confirmed May 2017 VR game releases:

Along with the confirmed releases, there are several others that also might drop sometime this month, but have yet to receive an official release date other than early, mid, or unspecified 2017. You can check these out below and simply be hopeful.

Here are all the VR titles are due to release sometime in early/mid or unspecified 2017, but have yet to receive a confirmed release date at the time of writing.

Finally are those with no release date in sight, other than a vague TBA/TBD/TBC/ or optimistic “coming soon!” These could always release sometime this month as well, but it’s not entirely likely.

All Coming Soon/TBA VR releases, which have yet to receive confirmed release dates at the time of writing.

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