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Magikarp Jump: How to Get Diamonds and What They’re For


Magikarp Jump: How to Get Diamonds and What They’re For

While coins are your primary currency in Magikarp Jump, diamonds are still extremely important and can have the biggest impact on your game in the long run. Diamonds can be used to purchase decorations for your pond, coins, friendship items, and other useful items like training soda. Friendship items will essentially add another Pokemon pal to the group who will hang out around the pond in order to help your Magikarp train by providing a variety of different useful traits. Pokemon like Charizard will give you special items while Snorlax will give your Magikarp some extra food. Decorations for the pond work in a similar fashion but tend to impact different types of stats in the game. Certain decorations will make it easier for you to earn coins or extra trainer exp points.

Diamonds are not as common as coins but they are still far from being difficult to obtain. The real key is to make sure you’re spending your diamonds wisely. There will be a variety of different ways to spend your diamonds but you want to make sure the tradeoff will truly be worth it. For example, you can give up 10 diamonds to go fishing for another Magikarp if you don’t like the one you initially received. In some cases it may be worth going back in for another try but don’t get too greedy and find yourself sacrificing too many diamonds just because you wanted a Magikarp with a certain pattern.

So how do you go about getting diamonds? Quite frankly, in many of the same ways you’ll go about getting more coins. Accomplishing certain achievements in the game will dish out diamonds as a reward and emerging victorious in major battles will also give you more diamonds. While it is far less common, you may also find diamonds in some of the sunken treasures you’ll find floating around the pond with your Magikarp. Random events will also give you a few diamonds but, again, this is not a common occurrence.

If you’re tired of all the grinding that this game requires and you really want to ball out on some gifts for your Magikarp, you also have the option of trading in your real hard earned cash for some diamonds. It’s not necessarily a method we would recommend for two key reasons: 1) The grinding process of obtaining diamonds and coins is essentially the entirety of the game. If you don’t like the grind to get more diamonds, you probably should just find another game. 2) While getting diamonds from certain events aren’t very common, getting diamonds still isn’t challenging or stressful. Essentially, the more you play the game the more diamonds and coins you’ll see pouring into your pockets. So it’s not really worth spending your own money when diamonds will certainly come your way if you just give it a little time.

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