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Magikarp Jump: How to Get Coins Quickly and What They’re For


Magikarp Jump: How to Get Coins Quickly and What They’re For

Magikarp Jump isn’t a game for everybody but if you’re a fan of these kinds of idle games, you might actually find a way to enjoy raising a happy pond of jumping champions. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the variety of in-game currencies to keep your little fishies happy and strong. Magikarp Jump has a total of three different currencies you’ll want to keep an eye on—coins, diamonds, and exchange tickets. The main two you’ll want to prioritize are diamonds and coins, which can be earned a few different ways throughout the game. Exchange tickets, on the other hand, have to be purchased from the specialty shop.

Coins are essentially your primary currency in Magikarp Jump and you’ll definitely want to keep some on hand if you want to help your Magikarp level up quickly. Coins are used to purchase and upgrade your Magikarp’s food and training equipment. The more you upgrade your Magikarp’s berries or Lava Cookie, the more Jump Power (JP) it will give your prized Pokemon when it’s feeding time. The same goes for buying and upgrading training equipment. Different training tools will give your Magikarp bigger JP boosts or other helpful traits that could help your Magikarp grow quickly and dominate the league.

Getting coins is an incredibly easy task because there are so many ways you’ll find yourself stumbling across coins. In addition to earning coins every time you level up, you are also given coins every time you win a battle. You can even find more coins hiding in the Pokeballs you’ll occasionally see floating around your pond. All you have to do is tap on the Pokeball and see how many coins you’ve discovered. Special events that are randomly triggered throughout the game may also gift you some additional coins. One of the less obvious ways to collect more coins, however, is to purchase certain decorations with special traits that could help you fatten up your pockets. Decorations can be purchased using diamonds and some decorations will provide boosts that award you with more coins for leveling up or discovering sunken treasure.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your achievements. Completing different achievements will reward you with a variety of different items—most commonly, coins. The catch here is that it can be easy to forget about these rewards because while these achievements can be passively accomplished, the rewards will not be passively distributed. You’ll need to go into the game’s main menu and select the achievements category in order to collect your rewards. So don’t just wait around while you sit on a gold mine. This game is all about mindless grinding so collecting on these rewards definitely provides a convenient way to fast forward through the process at times.

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