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LawBreakers Gets a New, Ridiculous Trailer, Coming to PS4

LawBreakers, switch

LawBreakers Gets a New, Ridiculous Trailer, Coming to PS4

Coming to consoles.

LawBreakers, the new action shooter from Boss Key Games (headed up by one Cliff Bleszinski, designer of the Gears of War games) got a new trailer today. The game will have players go toe to toe against one another as different characters and has a focus on gravity, as this trailer shows. And, just to make things even better, the trailer just completely bananas from beginning to end. Check it out.

At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that LawBreakers is no longer going to be a PC exclusive game and will be heading to PS4. It’s unclear if it’ll be a console exclusive, though, so there’s a chance that it could end up coming to the Xbox One as well.  However, Bleszinski did drop some details after being asked about the game on Twitter. On PS4, LawBreakers will be 60 FPS, though don’t expect it to have cross-play.

A release date for either the PS4 or PC versions of LawBreakers have yet to be revealed, and they’re both still currently slated for later this year. Once one’s revealed, we shall let you know.

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