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Is Sonic Mania Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Sonic Mania Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Sonic Mania Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sonic has seen many different games and genres over the years, but Sonic Mania is a classic return for the blue blur. With a retro art style reminiscent of the entries on Sega Genesis, the title takes Sonic back into classic 2D platforming, with a few new gameplay additions. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are all playable, and each character has unique abilities. Sonic can perform a drop dash that sends him rolling in a spin dash right after a jump, Tails can fly and swim, and Knuckles can glide through the air and climb walls.

Levels from across the series will make a return, while a host of new levels will also be included. Fans will no doubt be wondering if they’ll be able to pick up Sonic Mania on Nintendo’s new handheld hybrid system. Luckily, the answer to that it yes, Sonic Mania will be coming to Nintendo Switch. However, at the moment we don’t have a firm release date for the game, and it’s unknown if Mania will launch on Switch at the same time as other systems. The title is currently scheduled for a release this Summer, and we’ll make sure to update you on the official release date.

For more info on Sonic Mania, make sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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