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Is Madden on PC?


Is Madden on PC?

Is Madden on PC?

If you’re a football fan and a PC gamer, you may be wondering if you can guide your favorite team to glory in Madden NFL on your gaming rig. While that’s certainly possible, there is a slight issue you’ll have to come to terms with.

Unfortunately, the last Madden game to release on the platform was Madden NFL 08. Since then, EA has only released the titles on consoles. This is down to a lack of demand for the title on that particular platform, according to an interview conducted by GameInformer.

Senior Vice President of EA Sports, Matt Bilbey said, “PC is literally based on demand. There’s still the high demand for FIFA on the PC globally because of the global appetite for the game. I think that’s less so with Madden, but I think if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, I think we would definitely leverage the opportunity.”

Therefore, if you want to see the franchise make its way to your rig, you’ll just need to reach out to EA and let them know. Hopefully, it won’t be long until the series makes its return to the PC platform. For now, though, the latest titles in the franchise remain only on consoles.

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