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Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Scarecrow


Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Scarecrow

Face your fears.

Playing Scarecrow in Injustice 2

Scarecrow is another new addition to Injustice 2’s character roster, and he’s a good choice for players looking for a mid range character to play with. His Death Spin attack can deal mid damage to an opponent up to five times, and it’s good for knocking enemies away when you need to. You can also meter burn it to deal overhead damage instead, though the overall damage output might be lower.

His Scythe Grab is another dangerous move that’s useful for pulling enemies close to you. The regular version of the attack does mid damage, and you can easily follow up with other combos once you pull them in. Alternatively, the meter burn version lets Scarecrow spew out fear gas after the grab, which comes up to even more damage overall than just the regular move. The Scythe Grab has decent range, allowing you to pull in foes about half a screen away. You can also follow up with a Death Spin.

Toxin Breath is a useful mid attack that you can use in combos, but the one you’ll want to pay attention to is his Fear Toxin move, which serves as a tool for him to push enemies backwards. This can be helpful if you need to create space quickly between yourself and your opponent.

Lastly, Schizophrenia is a powerful command grab that can be pretty tricky to pull off, but it does a whopping 150 damage, and lets you follow up with lots of low attacks. Scarecrow isn’t exactly an easy character to use, but if you can master his basic kit, he’ll be a real force to reckon with in mid range combat.

Death Spin: Down, Back, Light

Scythe Grab: Back, Forward, Light

Toxin Breath: Back, Forward, Medium

Fear Toxin: Down, Back, Heavy

Schizophrenia: Down, Back, Forward, Heavy

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