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Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Robin


Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Robin

Wayward son.

Playing Robin in Injustice 2

Robin is one of the fastest fighters in Injustice 2, and he’s an excellent choice if you want to play a character who’s great at controlling the mid range. Robin’s sword serves as his primary weapon, and he can use it to dash across the screen to strike his opponent, and even perform low sweeping attacks to bring him to the other side of the screen. The full screen dash is very telegraphed, and your opponents will be able to defend themselves when they see you setting up for it. However, just like Kitana’s full screen dagger dash attack from Mortal Kombat X, you can also stop the run midway to trick your opponents, and launch into a midrange or overhead combo.

Some of Robin’s special moves are also great for setting up big juggle combos. The Sword Dance move will have him throw his blade at his opponent, launching them into the air, allowing you to follow up with even more attack strings. If you need to get away from your opponent in a hurry, or just confuse them for a while, the meter burn version of Assassin Strike can put him behind the opponent, along with a follow-up attack.

His best ranged ability is probably the Smart Birdarang, which lets him summon a Birdarang to keep an enemy at arm’s length.

Overall, he’s a good pick for players who like staying close to their enemies in Injustice 2, but not too close.

You can check out his list of special moves down below:

Smart Birdarang: Down, Back, Light

Sword Dance: Down, Back, Medium

(Air) Blade spin: Down, Back, Medium

Assassin Strike: Back, Forward, Heavy

Swoop: Down, Back, Heavy

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on Injustice 2.

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