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Injustice 2: All DLC Characters


Injustice 2: All DLC Characters

All DLC Characters in Injustice 2

Injustice 2 kicks things off with an impressive roster. There are 28 characters available in the vanilla version of the game, each with many pieces of obtainable gear, new abilities, and customizable stats. But, like all fighting games, Injustice 2’s roster is set to expand through the addition of DLC Characters over the coming months.

Preorder DLC Characters

There was actually only one of these for Injustice 2, just like Mortal Kombat X only had one. It’s not clear when the character will be made available for purchase though. If it’s anything like Goro, you may be waiting for a long time before you can shoot this villain’s crazy lasers.

  • Darkseid

Fighter Packs

Like with their previous titles, NetherRealm will be releasing new playable characters as fighter packs that include three fighters each. So far nine additional characters are set to be released, but only three have been officially revealed. We’ll be sure to update one more information is released.

Fighter Pack I

  • Red Hood
  • Starfire
  • Sub-Zero

For more on Injustice 2 – such as guides, tips, tricks, general information, or some fun features – be sure to check out our ever-growing wiki. Also, if you’re on the fence about whether you want the game or note, give our review a read.

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