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How Did Gaming’s April 2017 Stack Up Against 2016?


How Did Gaming’s April 2017 Stack Up Against 2016?

Two great months.

April 2016

Gaming April

The first few months of each year are generally slow for gaming, however, April in both 2016 and 2017 have been jam-packed with some prominent releases. Both months were big for RPGs and indie games alike, with small releases coming alongside highly awaited sequels. We’ll take a look at how April 2016 panned out, before putting it up against April 2017.

April in 2016 started out with a couple of interesting indie titles, Dead Star and Enter the Gungeon. On the same day Microsoft’s big new IP, Quantum Break, launched on Xbox One. While the title didn’t quite have the impact Microsoft was hoping for, Remedy’s time traveling third-person shooter was an interesting blend of gameplay and interactive television.

The very next week, two of 2016’s biggest games launched, with the remake of Ratchet & Clank releasing alongside its movie counterpart, along with the much anticipated Dark Souls III. Both games were met with heaps of praise, with Dark Souls III even garnering multiple awards when the end of the year rolled around.

The rest of the month saw things die down a bit with releases like The Banner Saga 2, Bravely Second, Star Fox Zero, Alienation, and The Walking Dead Michonne still providing players with plenty of content across various platforms.

It was definitely a strong month with some big releases, especially for RPG fans. With Ratchet & Clank and Dark Souls III headlining things, it seems like April 2017 couldn’t hold a candle. However, this year had its own fair share of top-notch releases, even to the point where 2017 overcame the previous year.

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