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Farpoint: How to Switch Weapons


Farpoint: How to Switch Weapons


You can do more than simply shoot space spiders with Sony’s new Aim Controller that comes with Farpoint, it does everything a Dualshock 4 does.

You can navigate menus, reload, aim, and move with the peripheral, all of which add to the immersion of the game. However, the coolest use of the Aim Controller is the new way of changing weapons. To cycle through your assault rifle, shotgun, and any other weapons you pick up while playing Farpoint, you move the gun up towards your shoulder (which shoulder depends on whether you are left or right-handed and which option you chose at the start), as if you are putting it on your back and talking another off.

If you are using a Dualshock 4, instead of the Aim Controller, then it works in the same way. Simply move the controller up to shoulder and bring it back to the usual position and the weapon will change. It is a fun way of changing how you are immersed in the game and helps make sure that the Aim Controller is used for move that just shooting.

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