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Farpoint: How to Save


Farpoint: How to Save


Farpoint, the PlayStation VR exclusive first-person shooter from Impulse Gear, is out now. One problem that often crops up in VR is how to show the player when the game is saving, because it looks weird to have a symbol spinning in the corner of the screen as you’d see in a standard game. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you save your progress in Farpoint.

Unfortunately, Farpoint doesn’t overcome this issue. The game only saves at the end of missions and it can be difficult to work out when missions end. The best thing to do is to listen out for the trophy pop noise around the time you see a cutscene. That is likely to be the end of a mission and the game will then save.

There are other checkpoints that you return to when you die, but leaving/closing the game will return you to the beginning of the mission. There is no way of saving manually via the menu or by performing certain in-game functions. The only option is to wait until you know a mission has finished and leave the game then. This is something that VR game developers need to work out.

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