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Farpoint: How Long It Is


Farpoint: How Long It Is


Farpoint, the PlayStation VR exclusive first-person shooter from Impulse Gear, is out this week and fans are wondering how the campaign stacks up, in terms of length, against other shooters and other PlayStation VR games.

The main campaign should take you around five hours to complete, which while not very long for a AAA shooter, is longer than most virtual reality titles. We do not know exactly how many missions there are but we will update you as soon as we do. That being said, there is much more content on offer in Farpoint than just the single-player story.

Many of the story missions can be replayed in a challenge style mode that sets a timer and sees you compete against other players for spaces on a leaderboard. There is also a co-op arena mode that tasks you with pairing up with a friend or other player to take on hoards of enemy aliens. You will be able to sink many hours into these modes, on top of the campaign that tells a tight and well-rounded story, expanding the overall length of the game.

For more on Farpoint, and all things PlayStation VR, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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