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Fallout Shelter: Tips For Beginners


Fallout Shelter: Tips For Beginners

Match Dwellers to the Right Room

Fallout Shelter Tips for Beginners

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Each of your dwellers in Fallout Shelter has SPECIAL stats, just like you fill out at the start of the mainstream series adventures. These directly affect how well they’ll perform in a particular resource room you put them into. What you want to do here is ensure that a dweller with a high Agility stat, for example, is placed into a Diner, as this requires the Agility stat to improve efficiency. Water treatment should be filled with dwellers high in Perception, while those in your Medbay should be high in Intelligence.

By doing this, you’ll reduce the countdown timers until that room will produce materials. The less time you have to wait until your next drop of resources, the better you’re going to do in Fallout Shelter. Make sure to keep on top of this as you progress, and don’t be afraid to move people around if it’ll make for a better, balanced income of resources for your shelter.

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