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Everything We Know About Dynasty Warriors 9 So Far


Everything We Know About Dynasty Warriors 9 So Far

Changes are coming.

Going Full Open World

Dynasty Warriors 9 was officially revealed last week by Koei Tecmo, and it looks like the title’s really going to shake things up for the series. We’ve only just started to learn about the game, which is apparently roughly 40 percent complete at the moment. There’s still plenty to learn, but here’s everything we know so far about it. If you want to see even more on the game, you can check out this Twitter thread detailing information from the recent Famitsu reveal.

The very first piece of information we received about Dynasty Warriors 9 was that the series is finally going full-on open world for the next entry. This means that Koei Tecmo is fully realizing an explorable ancient China, set during the War of the Three Kingdoms. Instead of battles taking place in different chapters, they’ll now take place at their corresponding point in the open world, and you’ll also be able to wander around different villages, settlements, and cities. Of course, key areas from history will all be featured like Louyang, Hulao Gate, and the Yellow River. Dynasty Warriors 9 will still have multiple playable officers, but each one will be set during their respective time periods, so Zhao Yun will be playable in a completely different period of history than Wang Yuanji.

With the more open world design, Dynasty Warriors 9 is incorporating a full day and night cycle and weather system. Enemies will have a harder time spotting you at night or in rainy weather, meaning infiltrating areas will be easier during these times. With switching to an open world format, that means Dynasty Warriors 9 will also be changing a few key elements with combat, and basic game progression.

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