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Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets First Details on Its Open World, Weather System, and More

dynasty warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets First Details on Its Open World, Weather System, and More

Going all in on open world.

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been running for years seeing many entries and spinoffs on multiple platforms. Dynasty Warriors 9, however, is looking to shake things up by taking the series entirely into the open world genre. The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has shed the first details on the upcoming title. Thanks to Hachima Kikou for additional information, and Gematsu for translation.

dynasty warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 will, of course, feature the traditional action combat you know and love. This time you’ll have a few more options though, like shooting enemies from a distance and invading castles with a grappling hook. We haven’t been given much information, but apparently the mechanisms behind attacking are being completely changed, along with new innovations and characters being added. Cheng Pu will be one of the new warlords featured in Dynasty Warriors 9. Here’s a few of the first details on the title.

  • The game will feature the continent of China and the Three Kingdoms in one vast open world map, with a variety of options available to players for battle. You can circumvent castles and attack from high places, or try and sneak in without alerting enemies.
  • Bows return in combat, and any character can use them.
  • Many missions will appear on the map, including main missions. The main missions have a high degree of difficulty, which you can lower by beating other missions associated with them. Clearing main missions will advance history.
  • A new system called “State Combo,” lets players react differently depending on the situation. The combo starts with a trigger attack, and subsequent attacks will change depending on the state of the enemy.
  • Interactive actions are being added like using a grappling hook to scale a wall, or changing something in the environment.
  • Battles won’t be broken up into stages, but correspond to the era they took place in all over the land.
  • Stories are being planned for each warlord, but since there’s no branching timelines the overall flow will be the same.
  • The era and period will differ between warlords. So if you play as Zhao Yun, you’ll be playing during the period he was active, whereas another warlord could take place entirely after Zhao Yun’s timeline.
  • It takes roughly five minutes to swim across the Yangtze River and Yellow River, as they’re so large.
  • There are more than 10 cities in the game, and general cities and villages will also be included.
  • You’ll mainly be moving around the map by horse, although fast travel will be included.
  • Time and weather will affect the game. For example, enemies’ visibility will worsen at night and during the rain making it easier to sneak.
  • There will be various extra missions, like hunting animals with a bow.

Development on Dynasty Warriors 9 is roughly 40 percent complete, but it will still be a while before the game releases. No official release window has been given, although the game has been confirmed as a PS4 title. No other platforms have been given at this time.

What do you think of the first details on Dynasty Warriors 9? Do you think going open world is the right choice for the series? Let us know down in the comments below.


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