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Yeah, So, Donald Glover’s Making a Deadpool Cartoon


Yeah, So, Donald Glover’s Making a Deadpool Cartoon

Yeah, really.

Well, here’s something you likely didn’t expect to hear today (or at all, really): Deadpool’s getting a cartoon from actor and musician Donald Glover. Yeah, for reals, it’s been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly and everything. The Merc with a Mouth, who has a second movie starring Ryan Reynolds due next year, will come to the animated, R-rated format via FXX (which currently hosts Archer and Always Sunny in Philadelphia). FX and Marvel already have a positive relationship, given that FX hosts the X-Men series Legion, which premiered earlier this year and was renewed for a second season.

Along with Donald Glover, his brother Stephen will be on hand as well to serve as a helping hand on the series. The Deadpool series will be 10 episodes long, though no cast has been announced as of yet. It’s also slated for a vague release date of 2018, but one has to imagine that it’ll line up roughly in time with the film’s release to capitalize on its inevitable success.

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