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6 Ways Destiny 2’s Gameplay Reveal Proved Bungie Listened to Fans


6 Ways Destiny 2’s Gameplay Reveal Proved Bungie Listened to Fans

Rejoice, Guardians, for Bungie has heard our cries!

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Living Worlds

New Destiny 2 Areas

When Destiny first released, players were in awe at how beautiful the planets were, and how varied the art design of each strike and raid was. But, after some time, that wore off. It was mostly due to the fact that there wasn’t much to do on these planets. Story missions gave you the general tour, as did Strikes and patrols, and once those were done, you had repeating public events that became pointless after a certain point. The worlds were largely dead outside of pre-determined enemy spawn patterns.

During the Destiny 2 reveal it was announced that the game’s planets would be dealt with much differently. Patrols and public events are still a thing, but those are bolstered by adventures, secret areas, sidequests, and more. Guardians are finally going to have substantial reasons to jump back into areas and explore and it won’t be just for finding dead Ghosts in the hopes of uncovering more of some hidden story that should’ve been in the game. How much we can expect from each world is still a mystery, but Bungie’s thoughts on this issue are certainly encouraging to hear. 

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