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Destiny 2 Probably Isn’t Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

Destiny 2, warlock

Destiny 2 Probably Isn’t Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

Were you hoping Bungie would bring its next game to Nintendo’s console?

Destiny 2 may be coming to one unlikely platform in, but developer Bungie isn’t planning to totally shock gamers and bring its marquee property to Nintendo Switch. Destiny 2 Project Lead Mark Noseworthy told IGN during the game’s reveal event that Bungie had “no announcements to make about the Switch at this time.”

That’s not great for Switch owners, but it could be taken to mean that while a port to Nintendo’s hybrid console isn’t currently in the works, the door is still open for such plans to materialize in the future. Trouble is, Noseworthy then proceeded to slam that door shut.

“I think it’s pretty unrealistic, given we’re an online-only game, right?” he continued. “The Switch, because it’s a portable — and I love my Switch, I’ve got Breath of the Wild here, I’ve got it with me. It’s incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it’s at, I don’t want [to] leave anyone with the possibility of, like, ‘it’s a thing we’ll consider, maybe next year.’ There’s [sic] no plans right now for Switch.”

While not surprising, the news is nonetheless disappointing to anyone hoping Nintendo will buck the trend of its last several consoles suffering from a dearth of third-party blockbuster games.

Destiny 2 will release on September 8 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC release on Blizzard’s will follow sometime later.


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